To PE or not to PE that is the question

I’m sure there are only two types of people in the world those who like PE and those who don’t. I think PE is the only class you can bring a note to be excused, so unfair. I mean what if you hate Maths or English or Science and tried rocking up with a ‘please excuse…from algebra today as the last quadratic equation caused a brain strain’. I find it interesting possibly because I used to teach Physical Education but these days I’m a curious about those who are assumed not to want to do PE or ‘can’t do it’ who really want to participate and be involved.

If your body functions in a unique way and your mode of transport is not via your legs, then we seem to think ‘can’t do normal PE’ or participate in sport. Of course ‘running’ might not be an option but there maybe ‘wheeling’ or some other form of motion could be possible.

I ride a bike every day, love skate boarding, unicycle and have always wanted a BMX (come on Santa!). If you’re doing something on wheels, I’m interested. Recently I stumbled upon Aaron ‘wheelz’ Fotheringham. Born with spina bifida Aaron wasn’t about to let being in a wheel chair slow him down. In fact to quote him ‘they’re just wheels stuck to my butt, how can that not be fun’. In fact to call it a chair isn’t quite right because I don’t consider what he does as any form of ‘sitting’.

It got me thinking about schools having more types of wheel based activities available because everything is more fun on wheels. So I am calling for wheelchairs to be renamed and claimed in the name of all those who are still avoiding PE – ‘sure you can sit down, but we are going to strap some wheels to your butt’.

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