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What is DIV:INQ?

DIV:INQ (Diversity Inquiry) began in 2007 at Mount Roskill Grammar school in response to the sense that fear of difference was one of the main causes of social isolation.

A process best targeted at senior students, DIV:INQ uses philosophical inquiry to explore the ways our identity is limited by assumptions, labels and fear of difference. It focusses on all forms of diversity particularly functionality (commonly known as disability) and gender/sexuality (LGBTI). These forms of diversity EXIST EVERYWHERE however they are less likely to be talked about or explored beyond a health lesson or by being constructed as a form of ‘wrongness’ or deviation from ‘normal’. 

A big focus of DIV:INQ is unpacking labels, and language around diversity to expose limits and generate new understandings of diversity including within ourselves. 

An uncomfortable feeling is not an enemy. It’s a gift that says, ‘get honest, inquire.’ (Byron Katie)

Limits of DIV:INQ

DIV:INQ is NOT a support group. It is a forum for philosophical thought and reflective inquiry. 

DIV:INQ should never take the place of any current or future forms of initiatives that provide personal or group support for bullying, harassment, discrimination or any other emotionally impacting circumstances. This type of support is essential and should also be available. As the literature suggests, one-on-one, peer and group support programmes provide vital forms of representation and go some way to reducing a sense of isolation at schools.